Mobin Sajadi

Im a web designer ,video game developer ,graphic designer ,app designer

About me

I am Mobin Sajadi. I work in web design, game development, application design, graphic design, editing, promotional teaser production, visual effects, and motion graphic



web design


video editing



Game development

creating and designing android games in the Unity game engine

Web design

designing in AdobeXD and performing in WordPress, the best content management system


logo design and graphic projects with Photoshop and Illustrator

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From January 2022

Graphic designer at CryptoDesk exchange

Designing CryptoDesk exchange’s social media graphics

From September 2021

The webmaster of Tunnel website

Tunnel is an social unlock website for links

From April 2021

Graphic designer of NABZEX Exchange

Designer of Nabz company’s graphic projects, this company works in cloud mining

From January 2021

Web designer of

Designer of, car battery online shop

From June 2021

Editor at

Editing short videos of Bitpin’s Instagram videos

From July 2020

Web designer of Nik Battery

Designing Nik Battery website, an e-commerce website, and android application



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